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Welcome to the RMC Graduate Studies Application form. As an applicant for graduate studies at RMC, you are required to provide RMC with pertinent information regarding your application. The information you provide is used to determine your admissibility and eligibility for enrollment to graduate studies at RMC. Providing incomplete or inaccurate information may delay your application and affect your chances of admission.

Once you have completed the form, click the Review button to get into the "Review mode" where you can review and/or update your information using the Edit button, as well as complete your Application Submission by clicking the Submit button.

Note: There is a $100 application fee and payment is due when you submit your application. Requests cannot be processed without payment. Personal cheques are not accepted.

You may only have one active programme application at a time.

I have acknowledged that the principal language of instruction for all graduate programmes is English.

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