Signing in for the First Time

Setting up Your Password

You must first setup your password. The new password must be between 10 and 18 characters (no spaces), and must have at least 3 numbers.

To setup your password, you can use the Reset your Password ? form or usea nd follow the instructions. You will need the email address where the provisining email was sent or your RMC address email if you have one.

Personal Verification Questions

Next, you will be asked to enter 3 security questions and their respective answers. These questions and answers will be used for additional security measures, for example, during a password reset.

Connecting to My Services

Once you have setup your password and your personal verification questions, go to the login page and fill out the form using the username sent to you with your provisionning email and your newly set password.

Your username is 8 characters long and starts with "id" followed by 6 numbers (no spaces). ex:id012345 or id123456.

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