Common Login Error Messages

Possible Error Messsages

Error: The requested URL was not found on this server.

Did you type the address correctly?
Check the spelling of the URL; it should be
Are you connecting from a network or from work?
Permissions for a network are set by your network administrator, which may not allow you to connect to secure sites due to restrictions set in firewalls or proxy servers. You will not be able to sign in if this is the case. Please contact your network administrator.

An incorrect Username or Password was specified

Have you entered your username and password correctly and in the proper place?
Remember that your password is case-sensitive and make sure you are not entering spaces or dashes without meaning to.
Did you forget your password?
In order to protect our users' accounts, access to My Services will be automatically blocked once multiple attempts to log in are made with an incorrect password. If you forgot your password, or inadvertently have your access to My Services blocked, please use the "Forgot your passowrd" service available from the login page or contact RMC Support and a representative will assist you.
Is your browser saving your password?
If so, please disable this function. Instructions can be found under Passwords and Form Data on the browser settings page.
Have you cleared your Cache Memory or Temporary Internet Files lately?
If so, you may want to clear your cache again from outside the web site.
If not, please clear your cache memory from your browser. Instructions can be found under Cache and History on the browser settings page.
Have you cleared your cookies lately?
If so, you may want to try it again.
If not, you may want to delete some or all of your cookies. Read the Cookies section on the browser settings page for more instructions.

Check your computer's date to make sure it is correct. And finally, always make sure that you are using a browser with encryption.

If you continue to have difficulties signing in, please contact Support and provide your IDxxxxxx username along with the error message found with a detailed description of the problem.

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